Rockbite Games : Story of perseverance till perfection [Exclusive Interview]

Perseverance, a simple yet a mystical word, wondering why  mystical? Perseverance simply means try, try, try and try until you  reap the fruits of your success. But, still we somehow manage to stop trying after our first or second attempt. We think that ‘nah, we are not made for this work’ and we forget that with just sheer perseverance we might achieve the perfection.
Nuno Donato – Gaming in Godot’s Way[Exclusive interview]

To prove my point that perseverance is the key to perfection, Bytvire brings you this week’s #SundayView Exclusive Interview of Norayr Iskandaryan, the community manager of Rockbite Games. In this interview we’ll see how Deep Town, first game released by Rockbite Games which has garnered 1 million downloads on playstore in just 5 months of time and with a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.
Luca : From Scratch to App, it’s all about passion [Exclusive Interview]
Without further ado let’s dive into this journey of sheer perseverance.
Bytvire: Tell us something about the Rockbi…

Killmonday Games: When your dreams become your life [Exclusive Interview]

We all dream but only few of us dare to make it reality. One such example is Killmonday Games Studio, whose founders Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson always dreamt of making movies with awesome stories but who knew that instead of making movies they will go on to make great games and will realize their dream through Game development.
Yes, it’s not always possible to achieve the perfect dream but with just minute tweaks and changes we might get something more valuable than our dreams to live for. Hence, making our dreams our life.
In this edition of #SundayView Interview, we will relive the journey travelled by Killmonday Games Studio and their dynamic founders to experience from the experienced. Without further ado, let’s start the journey...
Bytvire: Tell us about you and your company.

Natalia: Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson both are Co-founders and CEOs of Killmonday Games. For our first big game (Fran Bow) it was only the two of us doing everything. Now we have a part-time so…

Luca : From Scratch to App, it’s all about passion [Exclusive Interview]

It’s Sunday, hence it’s time for another #SundayView Interview. As you all might have guessed, today’s interview is filled with passion. Passion to achieve your dream, passion to learn, passion to create your vision in the form of an app which thousands will use and get inspired from your work and of course enjoy their time while using the app.
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Did I mention app? Yes, today we will experience how Luca founder of Cyanfox Development began his journey from being a rookie in programming (let alone android programming) to creating apps like Car Manufacturer Tycoon which has garnered more than 100 thousands downloads and many more apps like King’s Cross, etc.
So, without further ado, let’s dive together in this wonderful journey of Cyanfox Development.
Bytvire: Tell us something about you and your company Cyanfox Development?
Luca: My name is Luca, I'm from Hamburg, Germany and I'm the founder of Cyanfox Developmen…

Nuno Donato – Gaming in Godot’s Way[Exclusive interview]

Creativity and the human mind are the things that fascinate the founder of Bit Outside The Box, Nuno Donato a lot.  He is a computer programmer from Portugal and has dedicated his 3 years of life to game development. Being an indie developer is not easy but still perseverance can do wonders.
Bit Outside The Box is his own project to imagine and create games which are fun, educational and most importantly original. In this journey, he created the games namely, Autumn and Satellite Repairman. He not only develops games but also publish tutorials, mostly about the Godot game engine.
BytVire reached him and asked him to share his lifelong journey and experiences so that the young developers out there get inspired and kick-start their developer journey.
BytVire: Why and how you decided to become a developer let alone be a game developer? Was there any incident which triggered the developer gene in you? Nuno Donato:I was 7 when I first used a computer and was completely fascinated by it. Since…

Hello World! Taking the first step towards being a great developer.

Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight. — Bill Gates Hello World! This being my first post here at bytvire. I will take this golden opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Vishal Singh, an engineering student who loves programming (especially making Android apps). Well, it's not that I only love programming, I'm an avid football fan as well. At the moment I'm exploring all the possible realities or realms of programming world, in short I'm trying to experience the possibilities which the programming world has to offer. Did I mention experience? Yes, experience is the core of programming and as a developer we must always try to gain experience as much as we can. As Bill Gates says in the quote above, 'Measuring Programming Progress'. What is Programming Progress for a developer and more importantly how do we measure it? You guessed that right, we measure that programming progress by experience.  But, h…