Hello World! Taking the first step towards being a great developer.

Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.
— Bill Gates
Hello World! This being my first post here at bytvire. I will take this golden opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Vishal Singh, an engineering student who loves programming (especially making Android apps). Well, it's not that I only love programming, I'm an avid football fan as well. At the moment I'm exploring all the possible realities or realms of programming world, in short I'm trying to experience the possibilities which the programming world has to offer.
Did I mention experience? Yes, experience is the core of programming and as a developer we must always try to gain experience as much as we can. As Bill Gates says in the quote above, 'Measuring Programming Progress'. What is Programming Progress for a developer and more importantly how do we measure it? You guessed that right, we measure that programming progress by experience. 
But, how do we get experience as a developer? A straightforward answer to that is by practicing. Yes, practicing is one way and we will gain experience and also we will commit mistakes (and committing mistakes is what makes practice worth) but we'll commit mistakes which has already been committed. I mean, sometimes learning from the experienced can help us in not committing that mistakes again and can save our valuable time, which can be utilized in learning something more valuable.
But, how do we learn from the experienced? Let me tell you my experience, when i sought after learning from the experienced. When I started  learning programming as developer, I don't know where to start hence, I started searching the web for those who can help me to survive the initial phase. Well, I found lots and lots of tutorials which only told me how to get started but none told me how to move on with that option as a career. I wanted to know how it's like working as a developer in a firm, in studio, in companies. But, I found nothing. 
Hence, I realized that there are others out there like me, some with great minds who quit there career as a developer only because they don't knew how to move forward as a developer. I saw this as a grave problem and sought after finding a solution to this problem. I came with a solution and I really wanted to spread the word. And what is better option for spreading something worth, which can benefit everyone? Blogging. 
Everyone loves to read blogs. Hence, I started this blog where you can find interviews from the developers, stating how they have managed to survive the rough patches of being a developer and gain their valuable insight about how the life takes twist and turns while working for some developer studios or companies. And not only that you will get to know about the latest trends, features, news regarding almost all the developing platforms(will try to convey as much as I can :p).
The aim of this blog is to connect all the developers of almost all the developing platforms. Every developer has something to say, I urge you to not confine your thought to yourself, come and express yourself here. Every developer has valuable experience either as a developer or as a person. So, let’s come and share your experience here so that the budding developers out there can benefit from those valuable experiences. Helping out those budding developers is what I aim to achieve through this blog. And it can only be achieved if we as a developer come forward to help those budding developers.
On every Sunday, I will publish a post which will contain the interview of some industry experts and developers of different developing platforms. And on other days post regarding the news, trends of different platforms will be published. So, don’t forget to subscribe to bytvire, so you don’t miss some valuable experience. And, if you have something to say to me, either comment it below or follow me on google+.
Well, I love to hear from you guys. If you had also faced problems as a developer or if you have something to share. Please do comment below and share your valuable experience to the world so that it can help the budding developers out there, craving for information. And at last, if you disagree with me on any point, please do let me know. I would be more than happy to hear from you guys.
Till the next post, keep developing...



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