Killmonday Games: When your dreams become your life [Exclusive Interview]

Killmonday Games
We all dream but only few of us dare to make it reality. One such example is Killmonday Games Studio, whose founders Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson always dreamt of making movies with awesome stories but who knew that instead of making movies they will go on to make great games and will realize their dream through Game development.

Yes, it’s not always possible to achieve the perfect dream but with just minute tweaks and changes we might get something more valuable than our dreams to live for. Hence, making our dreams our life.

In this edition of #SundayView Interview, we will relive the journey travelled by Killmonday Games Studio and their dynamic founders to experience from the experienced. Without further ado, let’s start the journey...

Bytvire: Tell us about you and your company.

Natalia: Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson both are Co-founders and CEOs of Killmonday Games. For our first big game (Fran Bow) it was only the two of us doing everything. Now we have a part-time sound designer and proofreaders (since English isn't our first language).

Bytvire: Why and how you and your Husband Isak Martinsson decided to go for game development? Is there any incident which propelled your thoughts towards game development?

Natalia: We wanted to do movies with awesome stories but we were poor and had no change in doing so. One day we saw the documentary "Indie game the movie" and thought giving a shot on making a little game to tell a story and play around with mechanics and so incorporate the interaction. Isak has been a full time gamer in his teens and I got to play several RPG's on paper so we thought it could really be a fun thing to do. We didn't expect to love it so much!!!!!! Now, we can't see ourselves doing something else than awesome games! 

Bytvire: How is the platform on which you are developing your games is better than the other similar platforms in the market?

Natalia: I think all tools are effective if you give them a good use. It all comes down to your ideas. For Fran Bow and other small games we have done, we used Game Maker Studio and now we are working on our next games with Unity. And we are eager to try out other engines as well.

Bytvire: How is your journey as being the founder of Killmonday Games treated you? And of course tell us something about Isak's programming life.

Natalia: The journey has been everything. Terrifying, happy, crappy, dreamy etc. I feel incredibly happy and thankful for being able to make some of my ideas and Isak's a reality. Isak's programming life is also happy and crappy... some days you achieve others you fail... it's always like that!

Bytvire: Does Isak regret quitting his day job?

Natalia:  No, Isak don't regret leaving his day job at all. It was a risky thing to do, but we were ready to go back home to our moms if everything failed.

Bytvire: Tell us about one incident which you would cherish for your whole life being a game developer.

Natalia: There were many moments of fear of failure. Also many technical issues and looooong fights between the both of us. What I learned making the game was: How to truly love. Isak's lesson was to dare to risk everything when you believe in something!

Bytvire: What sort of Project you have worked on and what have you planned for your future?

Natalia: We have many ideas (all of them original ideas) but we also would love to do a Fran Bow sequel. We are still learning and we love that feeling. At the moment we are working on Different Galaxy and a *secret game*. Different Galaxy will take a while and I hope the secret game can be shipped soooooooon! We are super excited about it :D

Bytvire: What would you advice to our budding developers?

Natalia: Make something meaningful to yourself. <3 We only have this one life, so YOLO and respect! 

Truly said Natalia, while pursuing the dream is worthwhile but first we should try to make something meaningful, something resourceful to ourselves because that is the key to happiness and success in life and of course it will help you in realizing your dream as well. Hope you all have gained valuable resources and experience to propel you towards your dream. Go on, achieve your dream.

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Till the next post, keep developing...


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