Luca : From Scratch to App, it’s all about passion [Exclusive Interview]

Car Manufacturer Tycoon by Cyanfox Development

It’s Sunday, hence it’s time for another #SundayView Interview. As you all might have guessed, today’s interview is filled with passion. Passion to achieve your dream, passion to learn, passion to create your vision in the form of an app which thousands will use and get inspired from your work and of course enjoy their time while using the app.

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Did I mention app? Yes, today we will experience how Luca founder of Cyanfox Development began his journey from being a rookie in programming (let alone android programming) to creating apps like Car Manufacturer Tycoon which has garnered more than 100 thousands downloads and many more apps like King’s Cross, etc.

So, without further ado, let’s dive together in this wonderful journey of Cyanfox Development.

Bytvire: Tell us something about you and your company Cyanfox Development?

Luca: My name is Luca, I'm from Hamburg, Germany and I'm the founder of Cyanfox Development. I started to learn programming in last year's summer, and released the first version of Car Manufacturer Tycoon a few months later.

Bytvire: Why and how you decided to become a developer especially android developer? Was there any incident which triggered the developer gene in you?

Luca: I had previously experimented with some basic programming, until I finally decided to actually learn how to program in "proper" languages (in my case Java). I started learning to develop whilst creating a pre-version (might call it an early alpha) of CMT. I had the idea for CMT before I learned programming, and this (the idea) was actually the reason for me to decide to finally learn Java.

Bytvire: How is developing for Android better than developing for other platforms (eg: iOS, Windows, etc.)?

Luca: I can't say a lot about how programming is with other platforms (mobile platforms) like iOS, Windows Phone etc. For now, I have specialized on Android development though. This started fairly simple, as I only had an Android phone to start off with when I learned programming.

Bytvire: What sort of projects you have worked on and what are your future projects?

Luca: I've published four apps on the Play Store up to this point, Car Manufacturer Tycoon being the most successful. I have spent lots of time creating new content, fixes and overhauls for the game - effectively resulting in the release of eight major updates and about 25 patches up until today. Currently, I'm working on another slightly larger patch with a new feature. Previously I created smaller apps like "Cyanfox Home", a homescreen replacement, "King's Cross", a strategy game, and "Stories", an audiobook player. I also do have some unfinished projects, and maybe I will eventually finish some of them. On the long term, I am planning to start a new project, which will most likely be quite large and also rather time-consuming, but it will definitely be worth the wait ;)

Bytvire: How is your journey, being an Android developer ( the ups and downs which you and your company had faced)?

Luca: When CMT was released first, I was quite surprised with the interest players showed in the game (especially as it was my first app to ever be published on the store). Since then, the game's player base has grown extremely, and I'm very happy and thankful for that. Of course, there have also been phases in which the interest in the game steadily declined - but this is probably normal regarding the fact the game has never been really advertised publicly. The ups and downs of Cyanfox Dev. today are basically linked to the ones of CMT, as it is by far our most successful app in the store.

Bytvire: Tell us about one incident which you would cherish for your whole life being an Android developer.

Luca: One time, I accidentally published a major CMT update that contained some quite extensive bugs, which would unfortunately affect the experience of some players. Only a few minutes after the bugs first occurred, I received a lot of helpful feedback by many players, that helped me to be able to fix the bugs extremely fast, and resulting in the release of a hot fix only one hour later. I was (and am still) very happy to see how friendly and constructive many players reacted and essentially helped prevent large-scale problems with the game.

Bytvire: What would you advice to our budding developers especially the Android Developers?

Luca: What helps me most when developing is probably the community of Stackoverflow, a website on which advice is given and questions are answered regarding many things, including Android development. When starting to program, but also when debugging, it is more than just very helpful. Another advice would be to look at the available range of apps before developing a new one. If you don't feel like your app could potentially fill an "empty space" in the store, or there is already a good app in the category which you feel like you couldn't further improve, reconsider your app idea. Rather focus on unique apps, or apps that pose an improvement to existing ones. When the app is properly designed (on front- and backend) and meets these requirements, it will probably be a success sooner or later.

So, you saw how passion can propel you towards your dream goal or project. I just want to convey this message that just keep that passion in you alive no matter what, one day you will surely achieve what you want.

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Till the next post, keep developing...


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