Nuno Donato – Gaming in Godot’s Way[Exclusive interview]

Creativity and the human mind are the things that fascinate the founder of Bit Outside The Box, Nuno Donato a lot.  He is a computer programmer from Portugal and has dedicated his 3 years of life to game development. Being an indie developer is not easy but still perseverance can do wonders.

Bit Outside The Box is his own project to imagine and create games which are fun, educational and most importantly original. In this journey, he created the games namely, Autumn and Satellite Repairman. He not only develops games but also publish tutorials, mostly about the Godot game engine.

BytVire reached him and asked him to share his lifelong journey and experiences so that the young developers out there get inspired and kick-start their developer journey.

BytVire: Why and how you decided to become a developer let alone be a game developer? Was there any incident which triggered the developer gene in you?
Nuno Donato: I was 7 when I first used a computer and was completely fascinated by it. Since very young age I tried to understand how to tell the computer to do things, I guess that was it :)

BytVire: How is the platform – Godot, better than the other similar platforms in the market?
Nuno Donato: Godot is fantastic due its open source nature and the way the engine is structured and allows you to create a variety of things. Better or worse is a matter of personal preference; each person has to find its own tool. As a Linux user I really like that - Godot is 100% compatible with Linux.

BytVire: What sort of projects you have worked on and what are your future projects?
Nuno Donato: I've launched 3 games, Autumn, A Game of Changes and Satellite Repairman. Right now I'm working on my biggest project yet, which will be a 3d adventure game.

BytVire: How is your journey, being a game developer?
Nuno Donato: It's good and it's hard at the same time. I enjoy the freedom to create and explore new areas of knowledge. It's hard because not having any funding or support makes it really difficult to make ends meet.

BytVire: Tell us about one incident which you would cherish for your whole life being a game developer.
Nuno Donato: I remember receiving one email from someone who played Autumn, saying how much the game was helping in a difficult time in life. For me this is one of the best things because it made all my work and struggle worthwhile.

BytVire: What would you advice to our budding developers especially the game developers?
Nuno Donato: There are tons of advices around; I'd perhaps say something less common: take care of yourself. It’s very easy to let go on our self-care and it will damage us a lot, physically, emotionally and mentally. Especially for people who work mostly alone (like me), it’s very important to have really good routines, take time out, etc.

And he signed off.

Yes, you can’t do anything good if your health is not in a good shape. So, along with immersing yourself in the projects of your dream, you need to take good care of your health too. With those valuable advices, I hope you get to achieve what you dream of.

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Till the next post, keep developing...


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