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Rockbite Games : Story of perseverance till perfection [Exclusive Interview]

Perseverance, a simple yet a mystical word, wondering why  mystical? Perseverance simply means try, try, try and try until you  reap the fruits of your success. But, still we somehow manage to stop trying after our first or second attempt. We think that ‘nah, we are not made for this work’ and we forget that with just sheer perseverance we might achieve the perfection.
Nuno Donato – Gaming in Godot’s Way[Exclusive interview]

To prove my point that perseverance is the key to perfection, Bytvire brings you this week’s #SundayView Exclusive Interview of Norayr Iskandaryan, the community manager of Rockbite Games. In this interview we’ll see how Deep Town, first game released by Rockbite Games which has garnered 1 million downloads on playstore in just 5 months of time and with a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.
Luca : From Scratch to App, it’s all about passion [Exclusive Interview]
Without further ado let’s dive into this journey of sheer perseverance.
Bytvire: Tell us something about the Rockbi…