Rockbite Games : Story of perseverance till perfection [Exclusive Interview]

Deep Town Game Created by
the Rockbite Games
Perseverance, a simple yet a mystical word, wondering why 
mystical? Perseverance simply means try, try, try and try until you 
reap the fruits of your success. But, still we somehow manage to stop trying after our first or second attempt. We think that ‘nah, we are not made for this work’ and we forget that with just sheer perseverance we might achieve the perfection.

To prove my point that perseverance is the key to perfection, Bytvire brings you this week’s #SundayView Exclusive Interview of Norayr Iskandaryan, the community manager of Rockbite Games. In this interview we’ll see how Deep Town, first game released by Rockbite Games which has garnered 1 million downloads on playstore in just 5 months of time and with a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.

Without further ado let’s dive into this journey of sheer perseverance.

Bytvire: Tell us something about the Rockbite Games.

Norayr: The Rockbite Games has two offices - in Armenia and in the USA. The headquarters is situated in Yerevan, Armenia. Starting a gaming company is always complicated as is the beginning of any type of business. Deep Town is our first major project that we have begun 9 months ago, and it has been a huge success.

Bytvire: On what platforms do you release your games on? And how is that platform different from others?

Norayr: We have released Deep Town on iOS and Android, although we are not planning to limit ourselves to just those. We are constantly trying to widen and to expand our borders. We are planning to release our game on Steam sometime in the future and even maybe on other platforms available on the market. Our primary desire is to make sure that any player on any platform should be able to enjoy what we have to offer.

Bytvire: How would you describe your journey with Rockbite Games?

Norayr: Our journey was long, complicated and very satisfying. It began with many different ideas and ended up as Deep Town, a game that has reached the size and possibilities we have never expected. You can read more at the story written by our CEO at

Bytvire: Tell us about one incident which you would cherish for your whole life.

Norayr: I think the most valuable experience we have ever had is scratching our first project, which was very hard and tolling to do. Making the transition to Deep Town was complicated, but acknowledging your failures and building your success is equally important.

Bytvire: What does Rockbite Games have planned for the future?

Norayr: We are planning on developing our game to perfection, constantly updating and adding more interesting and captivating features our players can truly enjoy. Expansions, new features featuring ideas provided by our community and much, much more is what we spend most of our efforts and time on. Releasing new content and working with our community are our highest priorities right now.

Bytvire: What would you advice to our budding developers?

Norayr: The best advice anyone can give to a game developer is the following: do not be afraid to scratch old projects to release something bigger and never, ever, release an incomplete, underdeveloped game.

Yes, an incomplete and underdeveloped game might hamper the chances of success of your creation and despite of perseverance you might not be able to reach to the perfection. Therefore, you should persevere to perfection but everything needs to be done smartly like the creators of Deep Town. Hence, you only need to think of one thing – your creation, and how you can make it perfect.

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Till the next post, keep developing...


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